Tiento II for guitar solo

Tiento II van Hans Bakker

Premiere van Tiento II


Vol 2
Contemporary Solo and Chamber Ensemble Works

Composers: Various
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 08 November 2019

Figments 2, is a compendium of chamber music featuring the works of Yuan-Chen Li, Peter Dayton, Hans Bakker, Navid Bargrizan, and Charles Corey.

Citaat uit een recentie:

‘Tiento II’ is a guitar based work that is intricate and hypnotic – the one diamond in the rough.

Track listing:
Yuan-Chen Li
01 – Tell for Alto Saxophone Solo (8:35)
Jessica Maxfield (alto saxophone and voice)

Peter Dayton
02 – Mar de Lurín after paintings by Fernando de Szyszlo (5:20)
Jennifer Slowick (oboe), David William Ross (guitar)

Hans Bakker
03 – Tiento I for guitar solo (6:24)
Ruud Harte (guitar)

Hans Bakker
04 – Tiento II for guitar solo (3:28)
Tatakh Huismans (guitar)

Navid Bargrizan
05 – 10 Aphorisms (6:09)
Stacks Duo Laurent Estoppey (soprano saxophone), Steve Stusek (baritone saxophone)

Navid Bargrizan
06 – Se-Chahar-Gah (6:53)
Tolgahan Çoğulu (microtonal adjustable guitar)

Charles Corey
Pedroia String Quartet, Jae Cosmos Lee (violin), Rohan Gregory (violin), Peter Sulski (viola), Jacques Wood (cello)
07 – I. Canon/Cannon (5:37)
08 – II. Pour/Pore (1:42)
09 – III. Descent/Dissent (3:50)
10 – IV. Rays/Raze/Raise (6:48)

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